• Paper-Making Stone Rolls

    Paper-Making Stone Rolls

    Stone Roll is used for quickly dewatering the press section of paper machine and adds the physical properties of paper. Material is natural marble roll body, carbon steel shaft head, and surface polishing treatment.

  • Two-Roll Calender

    Two-Roll Calender

    1. High Quality rubber calender 2. can produce two roll or three roll or four roll calender as per customer request.

  • Head Box

    Head Box

    Head box is used to spurt and flow the pulp with certain consistency to the forming wires. It has normal-pressure type(open type), close type (pneumatic) and turbulence type(hydraulic type).

  • Under Paper High Speed Rewinding Machine

    Under Paper High Speed Rewinding Machine

    The operation method is scientific, simple and intuitive. At the same time, it provides an effective way for production and equipment management. The paper rewinding by the three-point transmission rewinding machine further improves the paper tightness and quality requirements, and is well received by users.

  • Paper Mill Cylinder Mould

    Paper Mill Cylinder Mould

    Outstanding Features include: 1. High drawing efficiency 2. Near perfect concentricity 3. Maximum open area 4. Ease of cleaning 5. Minimum deflection due to a design which emphasizes stiffness and rigidity

  • Air Cushion Head Box

    Air Cushion Head Box

    The Air Cushion Head Box Features: 1. Tapered manifold Distributor 2. Three stage step diffuser 3. Diagonal stock intet 4. Double stock even roll 5. Pre-overflow design 6. Flexiable top lip on top-bottom diretion and front-back direction 7. Cross web adjustment and fine adjustment with dial gage 8. Top lip adjustment with worm wheel, stable and easy to operate 9. Slight glass in diameter 40mm on both side 10. Easy maintenance and clean, equipped with shower on top of headbox 11. Light hole resevered on top of headbox 12. Quick open door at back side of tapered manifold for flushing 13. Pressure balance display tube can boserve the balance sitution of pressure 14. Working Speed Range of open headbox: 160-480m/min.

  • Hydraulic Head Box

    Hydraulic Head Box

    The Characteristics: 1. The Hydraulic Headbox consists of pulsation damper, inlet bodym step diffuser, micro turbulence generator etc. 2. Top lip is box shape designm adjustment can be done by motor in vertical direction nd horizontal direction 3. Bottom lip is connected with headbox base 4. Body of headbox is closed box shape structure 5. Hot water circulating device is equipped for top lip and base, it is used for temperature compensation 4. The jetting angle and landing point can be ajdusted by bottom lip 5. Automatic CD profile control system with dilution water 6. Mirror polishing for all surface contact with fiber 7. All stainless steel structure 8. Working speed 350-2000m/min

  • Open Head Box

    Open Head Box

    The Characteristics: 1. This head box is hydraulic. 2. Design speed 770m/min. 3. Machine includes: diffuser pipe,all made of stainless steel,Pulp by cone manifold into the PM, along the transverse distribution of the paper machine,into turbulent flow generator, then into Adjustable spray mouth, the inside surface of head box (incl: distributor roll) exposed to stock is mirror-polished,there is no thread hanging when rubbed with cotton balls,0.4μm roughness.

  • Paper mill SS cylinder mould for paper pulp

    Paper mill SS cylinder mould for paper pulp

    Advantage : 1. High speed: Balance detection, more than 700 meters 2. Weight is reduced by 30% compared to ordinary cages, reducing energy consumption 3. Each piece of spoke has been accurately measured to avoid the overweight phenomenon of the cage and reduce the friction force of the cage on the blanket and the net reduce manufacturing cost 4. All spokes are U-shaped design to reduce water resistance, the surface is very smooth; the speed can be increased by 15-30 meters compared to common cast iron cages without causing water drop phenomenon 5. The strength is higher than that of the common cage for several times, impact resistance, and the maintenance rate of the cage is reduced 6. High surface roughness, increase the area of filtered water, increase production, improve paper quality 7. Acid and alkali resistant, standard 304 stainless steel 8. Very strong integrity, durable.

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