• Double Disc Refiner

    Double Disc Refiner

    1. Adopts reliable mechanical sealing, maintaining such characteristics as compact structure, small land needing, high efficiency, low power consumption, good adaptability, simple operation, flexible adjustments and convenient maintenance, to prevent pulp leaking and shaft wearing. 2. Double Disc Refiner is comparatively the ideal equipment for continuous pulping. Single machine or several machines in series can be used in accordance with requirements of pulping process. 3. Refine pulp made of various raw materials, such as waste paper, wood, reed, rice or wheat straw and so on.

  • Disc Thickener

    Disc Thickener

    Application: Used for thickening of low consistency pulp Higher efficiency and less space required. Disc sector is made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. Thanks to the scallop structure of the disc sector, the filtration area is large, which allows filtrating large amount of white water when operating.

  • Pressure Screen Pulp Equipment

    Pressure Screen Pulp Equipment

    Pressure Screen is used to select waste paper pulp, pulp before bleaching, and before the paper making. Advantages: 1) Paper making machinery pressure screen is equipped with rotor of saving energy. 2) Pressurized fine screen ensure the selection of small impurities and approve the pulp quality.

  • Flotation Deinking Cell

    Flotation Deinking Cell

    Application and Feature: 1. Mainly applied to deink recycled pulp, it can effectively remove the ink, light impurities and stickies etc. 2. High efficient flotation, high consistency scum, less fiber loss. 3. Easy maintenance, low power consumption, low operation cost. 4. Only one set can achieve 4-5 stages of flotation, has advantages of less occupied area.

  • Reject Separator

    Reject Separator

    Reject Separator is used for the processing of screening rejects in waste paper process system.

  • Bleaching Tower

    Bleaching Tower

    1. Mainly used for high concentration of hydrogen peroxide bleaching of deinking pulp, groundwood pulp or other kinds of pulp. 2. Cone structure of tower reduce the possibility of stock bridging. 3. Special inner structure ensures pulp fall uniformly, which unifies pulp falling time and bleaching time. 4. At the bottom dilution function achieve high consistency bleaching, low consistency conveying. It makes the process of stock preparation simpler.

  • Vertical Pulper

    Vertical Pulper

    Application Vertical Pulper is to pulverize paper pulp plate, broken paper,waste paper and so on.

  • Hydropulper


    Pulper is used to disintegrate of various pulp boards, broke paper and various waste papers. There are many kinds of pulpers including D Pulper, Drum Pulper, High Consistency hydropulper as well as O hydropulper, Vertical hrdropulper and Horizontal Pulper to satisfy different customer requirement.

  • Upflow Pressure Screen

    Upflow Pressure Screen

    HUATAO Upflow Pressure Screen feature: 1. HUATAO Upflow Pressure Screen can effectively separate different impurities between heavy or light impurities. 2. HUATAO Upflow Pressure Screen is running with High pulse frequently.

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