• Low density Centrifugal cleaner

    Low density Centrifugal cleaner

    HUATAO Low density cleaner main features: 1. HUATAO Low density cleaner has SS body,ceramic slag under the cone and mouth,longer life. 2. HUATAO Low density cleaner has special design,good maintenance and easy installation.

  • Inflow Pressure Screen

    Inflow Pressure Screen

    Inflow pressure screen is a more advanced Screening System in the world at present, and is used for fine screening equipment of the wood pulp, straw pulps and waste paper pulps, particularly is used for the pre-net screening equipment of paper-making machine.

  • Outflow Pressure Screen

    Outflow Pressure Screen

    Feature Outflow Pressure Screen from HUATAO is modern slurry-making process of new technology, which can save a lot of water,reduce power consumption, reduce heat loss, and waste water emissions, simplified slurry-making process flow.The equipment with high efficiency, cover less area , light weight and safe operation, easy maintenance in paper pulping system for pulp screening.

  • Horizontal Rotary Drum Pulper

    Horizontal Rotary Drum Pulper

    Features: 1.It can save energy, for the power consumption of the drum pulper is as low as 14~18KWh per ton of pulp. 2.Soft pulping and screening will not destroy impurities and gooey. Quality of accepts is clean, while gooey content is low. 3.It is not powerful pulping, so there is little wear and tear, which brings little maintenance costs.

  • High capacity Low Concentration Hydraulic Pulper for paper mill

    High capacity Low Concentration Hydraulic Pulper for paper mill

    High capacity Low Concentration Hydraulic Pulper for paper mill is easily separated Fibers and minimizes Fiber loss.

  • Drum Pulper

    Drum Pulper

    The drum pulper is used for breaking waste paper continuously and softly and coarse screening in high consistency.

  • D Hydra pulper

    D Hydra pulper

    D Pulper is to break all kinds of waste paper,waste paper board.

  • Knotter


    Knotter is used to remove knots,dinas or other impurities.

  • Twin Wire Press

    Twin Wire Press

    Twin Wire Press is widely used pulp washing and thickening whether it is from chemical pulp or waste paper pulp or straw origin pulp.

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