• Air Tube for DST Holder

    Air Tube for DST Holder

    The air tube is a component of doctor blade system that helps to inflate doctor blade system , thereby facilitating the effective work of doctor blade system . Product Information Product NameSpecification Price(USD) Air Tube(heat-resistant) 15*30m/roll 5-8 (super heat-resistant) 15*30m/roll 18-22 (standard) 25*30m/roll 2-5 (heat-resistant) 25*30m/roll 6-10 (super heat-resistant) 25*30m/roll 23-27 (heat-resistant) 40*30m/roll9-11 (super heat-resistant) 40*30m/roll 26-30

  • Paper machine showers

    Paper machine showers

    The Model: 1. Brush type shower 2. Pipe in pipe shower 3. Air shower 4. Needle Jet nozzles type shower 5. Self cleaning nozzle 6. Straight jet nozzle

  • Doctor Blade

    Doctor Blade

    Cheap Fiberglass Doctor Blade for paper machine Factory Brands Major use: suitbale for rubber rolls in wet end and polyester rubber rolls.

  • Stainless steel felt shower for paper mill

    Stainless steel felt shower for paper mill

    Characteristics: There are different type of paper machine showers such as needle jet, brush type, auto brush, fan jet, spring purge, pipe in pipe, air purge etc. Spray nozzle is called the heart of shower.

  • Stainless Steel Doctor Blade

    Stainless Steel Doctor Blade

    1; heavy hardness 2: good performance 3: longer lifetime

  • Carbon Fiber Doctor Blade

    Carbon Fiber Doctor Blade

    1: suitable for all type roller 2: high temperature resistance

  • Phosphor Bronze Doctor Blade

    Phosphor Bronze Doctor Blade

    1: good performance 2: less damage

  • Steel Doctor Blade

    Steel Doctor Blade

    1: good performance 2: longer lifetime running

  • Ceramic Doctor Blade

    Ceramic Doctor Blade

    1: good performance 2: suitable for dryer section 3: produce size as per customer requirement

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