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Pasting Belt For Lead-Acid Battery Plant

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :6000piece/year

Pasting Belt For Lead-Acid Battery Plant

This seamless synthetic fiber battery pasting belt is produced from 100% synthetic fiber using a needling process. This type of pasting belt has a tensile framework, which is soft and suitable, and it has a stable friction coefficient and tensile strength. High strength, low elongation, strong water absorption, high plate-type transmission efficiency, long service life, soft and hard paste are all applicable, and it is the preferred choice for battery industrial plate smear production.

Product Details Show:


Our Seamless Pasting Belt Advantage:

"Non woven" structure

Constant thickness

Top and bottom of the belt with equal surface

Longer duration of the belt 

Surface with high abrasion resistance

The long working life will help you save lots of belts.

Our Belt Install & Adjustment

The deviation of the Battery Pasting Belt will cause the damage of the conveyor belt, which

can be corrected by adjusting the roller, etc. The belt will have a little extension after


In a state with a certain degree of tension, let the belt rotate for 1-2 weeks so that the overall

tension of the belt is uniform. At this time, the tension pulley is properly fixed. After 24

hours of operation, the tensioning wheel is adjusted again. At this time, the intermediate

material of the belt has been fully stretched and the belt will no longer extend.

Why Us:

                               Our belts                                    Other belts

Joint                   No joint-more Smoother               Have Loose joint-Have Risk of breakage

Working life         At most 10 lacs plates                  At most 6 lac plates

We also have the matching Pasting Machine, Grid Casting Machine and other machines for Lead acid battery machines, welcome contact us to get the details.

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