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Cleaning Technology and Method of Forming Fabric

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China HUATAO LOVER LTD certification
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Cleaning Technology and Method of Forming Fabric
Latest company news about Cleaning Technology and Method of Forming Fabric

Forming fabric is designed and produced according to a specific paper machine to meet the characteristics of the paper machine. Regular and efficient cleaning will help the forming fabric to maintain its specific performance in the papermaking process So as to ensure the use effect and service life of the forming fabric.


1. High pressure water cleaning method

- Selection of flushing point location with needle nozzle

The location of the needle nozzle flushing point should be selected near the rotating roller, not at the tension roller.


- Washing the forming fabric with fan nozzles

The location of the flushing point of the fan-shaped nozzle is best chosen next to the running roller, not on the tension roller, and flush the running direction directly.


2. Water or water-air mixed cleaning method

Water or air-water cleaning ensures that forming fabrics, press felt and dryer fabrics are washed during production without negatively affecting paper quality.


3. Chemical cleaning method

The forming fabric chemical cleaning agent must have the following characteristics:

(1) Fast response speed;

(2) No damage to the forming net during cleaning;

(3) Simple operation and safe use;

(4) Harmless to the surrounding environment and human body.


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